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Things To Do in NYC

New York City has plenty of things to do for those visiting for a shorter or longer time. There are several different historical, architectural and artistic sites and places to visit when traveling to New York. This as well as the entertainment and night life allows for an adventure when visiting New York City.

One place to go is Manhattan. This area is divided into lower and upper sections, both which contain several sites to see. The lower section of Manhattan includes City Hall, followed by the Tweed Courthouse, which is a monument built in the 19th century. Next, is Surrogate’s Court, which is home to an archival collection, but contains Beaux Arts style architecture built in 1914. Another place to visit in this area is St. Paul’s Chapel, a historical site to visit. The Trinity Church is close to this Chapel and is one of the oldest surviving religious landmarks in America. Directly across from Trinity Church is the beginning of Wall Street. On this street, one will find the Standard Oil Building, Museum of American Financial History, Customs House, the New York Stock Exchange and several other significant Wall Street buildings. At the end of Lower Manhattan are the Statue of Liberty, Castle Clinton and Ellis Island as well as an Immigration Museum. Visiting the Statue of Liberty is usually an all day venture.

Midtown is another area of Manhattan where there are several things to do. For those interested in shopping, this area has some of the largest department stores to browse in, including Macy’s. This area is also home to the Garment District where several of New York’s fashion firms are located; making several stores great places to visit. For those interested in a different type of visiting experience, the Empire State Building is one place to look over New York. This is New York’s skyline symbol built after the Depression era. The Chrysler Building is also in this area. For those going during the Christmas Season, visiting Rockefeller Center and the Christmas tree can be included in the trip. The Rockefeller Center also has the artwork of Diego Rivera and other historical sites. Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Fifth Avenue are also popular places to visit in this area.

For those interested in old architectural sites in another section of town, the Lower East Side is one place to visit. This was built from a Jewish Community, and holds the same historical and architectural landscapes from when it was first built. This not only includes business areas, but also several synagogues of historical significance.

One thing that is a great activity when visiting New York City is to visit Central Park. This is an 843 acre park in mid Manhattan. Through this park are fountains, writer corners, fountains, and the Belvedere Castle, all to stroll through on your visit.

For those interested in activities more on the artistic side, New York City has plenty of things to do. There are several museums to visit; including the museum of African Art, Contemporary Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as many other museums can all be a fulfilling artistic outlet for your visit. On the other side of the arts, Upper Manhattan is one place to visit. This area has several plays, concerts and other theater productions that take place to make an evening of in New York City.

The nightlife in New York City holds an abundance of places to go and things to do. Theatrical productions, several different types of dance, night clubs, bars, classical music and other types of concerts and comedy clubs are located in several areas throughout New York City.

For those interested in baseball, one place to visit is the Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx. This is one of the more famous stadiums in the country. It is also located next to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.

For those interested in cultural experiences with historical significance, there are several areas to visit. Greenwich Village holds interest to several as a place for an artistic community. Chinatown and Little Italy both have their own flavor and several places to visit for different types of cultural experiences. SoHo, The Flatiron District, Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, and other small areas in New York are all places to visit if you are interested in cultural aspects located in New York City as one of your activities to do.

Finding things to do in New York City has endless possibilities for every type of person who wishes to visit. Whether it is to see historical or architectural landscapes, experience a different culture, become more involved with different types of arts or to experience the nightlife, New York City has something for you.

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