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Senior Housing NYC

There are a number of issues affecting available senior housing. NYC is no different. The “City That Never Sleeps” has a well-known housing crisis, but there are housing units available intended solely for the elderly. Finding senior housing NYC can be a chore, however, if you are unsure how to go about the task.

There are a number of senior housing NYC options available, so you should know what type of unit you will need before you begin your search. The New York State Office for the Aging provides information on the options available. An assisted living home is one of the most commonly used options for senior housing. NYC has a sizable number of these communities available. They are privately owned and operated, and the staff there provides a place to stay as well as meals, support services, and healthcare services to the residents.

Congregate housing is similar to an assisted living home, but everyone who lives in a congregate housing is not ill as is typically true with assisted living homes. Senior housing NYC provides a number of congregate houses, multi-units housing areas in which everyone is above a certain age. These facilities usually offer activities on an off the housing location for the residents.

The New York State Department of Health also grants licenses to enriched housing programs. There are fewer of these options available for senior housing. NYC does not have as many of these places as the other options. Residents pay a set monthly fee that includes all housekeeping, entertainment, support, healthcare, and other costs. This facility is like a nursing home, and the facilities must follow state procedures for care.

Senior housing NYC also has become home to “aging-in-place” or naturally occurring retirement communities. The state recognizes the special needs in these apartment complexes where there are no age restrictions, but people stayed there for decades, and most of the residents are now senior citizens. The state helps the building owners in providing support services for the residents for a fee. If you are a senior looking for housing, these options are only four of the many available for the aged.

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