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NYC Wedding Photographer

New York City, as the largest city in the U.S., has much to offer potential brides. The city’s many special locations make it a feast for any NYC wedding photographer with a little imagination. When you are looking for a photographer, be sure to have an initial meeting to be sure that you are comfortable with each other. Any photographer should be happy to show you samples of her work. An NYC wedding photographer will need to have at least a few photos with the city’s landscape as a background if you are looking for outdoor photos. See if he has pictures with Lady Liberty looming in the background or beautiful shots in Central Park.

One consideration when looking for an NYC wedding photographer is where that person is comfortable traveling to take pictures. Most photographers service Connecticut and New Jersey as well, but check to make sure if you are holding either the wedding or the reception there. When you pick a location, you could ask for photographers who work there often. It can help to have someone who knows the location and its lighting and other quirks.

Your photos should capture the essence of who you are as a couple. An NYC wedding photographer has so many options for locations and backdrops that there should be no real struggle as to what theme you would like for your pictures. Speak up. You should feel comfortable with your photographer. If you and your betrothed are very traditional and want only the standard pictures, let the photographer know. If you love water sports and want water backgrounds, say that now.

Many brides and grooms these days opt to take a large number of the pictures before the wedding – many before the actual wedding day. A good NYC wedding photographer should have no problem with this request as it makes the big day easier for everyone. You can meet up a couple of weeks beforehand and take shots around the city so that you are not wasting precious seconds on the day of your wedding.

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