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NYC Restaurants

New York City has one of the largest and most varied possibilities for restaurants available in the world. One can find almost any type of restaurant available in any area that has a true cultural taste and that can fit any budget.

Chinese Food

The best place to go for authentic Chinese food is Chinatown. This includes several high and low end restaurants in the area. For those interested in some Asian type food variety, there are also several Vietnamese and Thai Food restaurants located in this area.

Italian Food

New York City is famous for its large selection in Italian Food. This can be found everywhere from Chinatown through Manhattan. If anyone wants the true taste of Italy, Little Italy is always a good place to go. They say to avoid the restaurants where the manager is standing outside to get more business. In the summer, there are enough restaurants in the area to block off two streets of traffic in order to allow outside seating. Greenwich Village also offers several Italian restaurants.

Mexican Food

Several Mexican food restaurants can be found throughout New York City. One popular place for Mexican food is in Greenwich Village. Each of these restaurants holds different varieties of Mexican food, from Cal-Mex to Tex-Mex, and more traditional styles of Mexican.

“African” Food

There are several varieties of African type food that are offered throughout New York. The best place to go to any of these is either to Harlem or the Bronx. Harlem offers varieties of soul food in the area. There are also several places to find Jamaican and other Caribbean styled foods. West African dishes can also be found throughout these areas. Most of the restaurants are smaller and fairly inexpensive.

Top End Restaurants

There are several places to go to experience a high end dining experience. One of these places is Cascabel. This menu focuses around an adventurous menu. Ruaoul’s is a more classic late-night restaurant. Several of their items are French style food. Canterelle is another restaurant in the high end. This is located in the Tribeca area. It’s menu often changes, but usually includes several seafood items. Montrachet is another restaurant located in the Tribeca area. They don’t offer much of a variety in the menu, but have mastered what they do offer. If you are in the Upper West Side area, the Café Luxembourg is one place to go. Another is the Café des Artistes, which is a more romantic place in Upper Manhattan. The Tavern on the Green is another top restaurant, located by Central Park. It has a back garden with several statues as well as good food quality. The Arcadia has a French American menu to choose from and is located on 62nd Street in Manhattan.

Diners and Cafes

A popular place for eating is the diners that are located throughout New York City. These can be found in almost every corner. They all have fast service, cheap prices and many choices to pick from. Coffee shops and cafes are also a popular type of atmosphere to eat in and are located everywhere. Many of the cafes also focus on an ethnic experience. Greenwich Village is the most popular for its wide variety of cafes.

Other options can be found in streets that are committed to only restaurants. One of these is Restaurant Row, located by Times Square. This has every type of restaurant possible, from low end type food to better type delis and varied menus.

Hell’s Kitchen is another series of blocks that holds several different types of restaurants. This area, which used to be considered dangerous, is consistently being changed into a nicer area. There are several decent ethnic and low to medium priced restaurants in this area.

The variety of restaurants does not end with these, however. From cheaper restaurants to high-end experiences in eating, as well as cultural based restaurants and cafes are found everywhere throughout the city for whatever type of dining experience you wish to have.

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