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Car Accident Lawyers NYC

Car accident lawyers NYC are everywhere. You will see ads for these attorneys on buses, billboards, and park benches. When you are in an accident and need one of these attorneys, however, you shouldn’t just go with the first billboard you see. Check into car accident lawyers NYC to make sure you will be represented by someone who is competent.

Your first task should be to call the state bar. Make sure there are no claims against this attorney. While a single claim may be a misunderstanding, a history of claims against an attorney is a red flag that you should avoid.

Next you should call car accident lawyers NYC. Ask questions of the receptionist, who should be happy to answer them for you. Find out how many lawyers work in the firm and how many years they have been practicing. You want to ensure that you find someone with a good record to represent you. While you should not discount new attorneys altogether, you do want to check the credentials of car accident lawyers NYC before you make a decision.

You also will need to find out upfront about fees. Most car accident lawyers NYC will see you without a retainer, meaning that they do not want money upfront. Instead they will want a portion of any money you recover from a claim. While this practice is standard and certainly not unethical, you should find out the percentage this person will want. Some car accident lawyers NYC may want as much as half of your settlement. You should find someone who does not want as much of your settlement money so that you can recover the funds you want from your claim.

When you make your initial visit to a car accident lawyer, he or she should be honest with you about how the process works. Find out how much merit he or she thinks your claim has and find out what you will be expected to do during the process. Make sure that you are comfortable with the process and the attorney before you sign any contract for representation.

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